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A house has always symbolized a dwelling sheltering family from the elements.  Arguably no other architecture is more personal and emotionally cherished than the family home.  Simply defined architecture is the poetic composition of form, substance, light and space.  Lankerani Architecture integrates these enduring ideas with the sole purpose of providing custom homes with timeless and evocative design.


Born and raised in Ohio's midwestern suburbs, Rez Lankerani honed his design skills at an early age through countless hours drawing and painting.  With his artistic abilities, every view in a Lankerani house is carefully framed and choreographed. Site, solar orientation, material palette, form exploration, environmental performance and local context comprise the instrumental design factors guiding his creative process.

Lankerani Architecture responds to each aspect of a custom home from initial design phase to observation of construction. Through open-mindedness, active listening and honest communication, Lankerani creates timely and budget-responsive projects.  His genuine approach to design fosters thoughtful and unique residential architecture -- a metaphor for the owner's aspirations while exalting the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Rez Lankerani, Principal Architect

  • Master of Architecture, University of Texas Austin, 1999

  • Lankerani Architecture founded 2016

  • Over 24 years in architecture design

  • Registered Architect; Texas Board of Architectural Examiners; Registration #21713

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concept sketch. drawing.jpg
rez lankerani architect at work on the computer.jpg
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